Sustainable Energy

Aubinoe Management marches into the future with a commitment to minimize the environmental impact of all buildings under our care. New windows, efficient appliances, and cool roofing are all energy-reducing options used by Aubinoe Management.

Some of the ways we are making an impact to benefit the environment are as follows:

Separately Metered Apartments at Washington and Lee

At the Washington and Lee Apartments in Virginia, we are converting to separately metered units with a system-wide electrical heavy-up. By replacing old panels and service cables with larger, safer panels, we are allowing each resident to make their own choices regarding their energy consumption. By the end of the upgrade process, all units will have separate HVAC systems, their own washers and dryers, and possibly dishwashers.

Energy Efficient Windows

We are steadily replacing old single-pane windows with double-pane insulated windows in our buildings. These new windows reduce heating and cooling costs by lowering the amount of heat transferred inside during the summer, and the amount of heat lost during the winter.

Energy Star Appliances


We are steadily replacing older appliances in our buildings with high-efficiency appliances. These machines save our clients money by reducing energy and water bills and save our nation’s natural resources by reducing consumption.

Wind-Powered Buildings

With certified power supplies by Clean Currents, all apartment buildings and commercial properties managed by Alvin L. Aubinoe, Inc. use wind power energy offsets.

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